Apartments, Condos & More

We absolutely adore providing service to your apartment or condo. Your apartment will get the full service treatment that our Designers perform on larger homes and the cost typically is less. A Maid Occasion is more than simply cleaning your home. We our here to be "at your service" for all things Home!


Let us do the shopping! Send us the list and we can bring your groceries to you on your cleaning day or even between cleanings. 


Let us help give your place a new look, without the added expense of brand new furniture. We can create spaces for work and play. 

Closet Organizing

Our Designers can create total order and functionality of any space within your home. We will customize your closets or even rooms based on your lifestyle and family's needs.


We can provide full laundry services on your cleaning day . #WashDryFold

Our desire is to bring an element of ease 

What I find that sets our Company apart from other cleaning services , is our ability to be fluid in our idea of what service means to each individual Client.

Julie Valderrama-Wright , Lead Designer 

Service Prices

We can add these services to your Design Plan



Starting At

$11 each additional location

1 hr session

List , Buy and Deliver Groceries

Add Errands Feature Available

Drop Off /Pick Up




An Hour

2 hour min

2 hour Session

Includes Floor Plan

& The Move




Per Load

At Your Residence

3 loads per Visit

Wash , Dry

and Fold

or Hang Dry